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Welcome to The Formula Source! We hope that you enjoy your time here and that you have fun as well. Please feel free to post any questions, answers or comments that you may have but please be aware of the following rules that we have:

1. We encourage all new member to please make an introduction post in the New Members Lounge telling a little about themselves and their car(s). We also ask that members fill out the information about their car(s) in their profile. This helps everyone out incase you post a question about your car as the information about the year/make/model/etc for your car(s) will be listed in the Tech Tool Tray that is in each post and other members won't have to repeatedly ask for that information. Thank You.

2. Swearing, Offensive language – Swearing and/or offensive language is not allowed. Any such language found in any posts will result in the post being edited to remove such language and the member will be issued a verbal/written warning. Continued use of such language will result in one or more of the following: the member being warned on the open board and the members warning meter being used, having posts moderated before they are allowed onto the open board, the member having their account temporally suspended or being permanently suspended/banned from the site.

3. Pornographic and Sexually Explicit/Offensive material – No pornographic or Sexually Explicit/Offensive material is to be posted on the site in any form. This includes, but is not limited to: pictures, link to pictures, images of any type or jokes. Any such items found to be posted will be removed immediately and the member warned. Any farther posts of this type will result in the next time the member being temporally suspended for the second infraction, and the member being permanently suspended/banned from the site for the third infraction. If you are not sure if any material you wish to post would violate this rule, please contact either a Global Moderator or the Site Administrator.

4. Illegal Activites - No postings of illegal activies, whether past or present, or suggestions that a member should do something illegal will be allowed on the board.

5. Organization/Planning of Street Races – The organization or planning of street races is not to be posted on The Formula Source. Since this is an illegal activity any posting of such items on the open board will result in the posts being removed immediately and the members involved in the organization/planning of such activity being temporally suspended for the first offensive and the members being permanently suspended/banned for any farther posts.

6. Flaming of members or members cars – Flaming (i.e. name calling, derogatory comments, etc.) of members or the cars of members are not to be posted. Any such flaming of members/members cars will be removed and will result in one or more of the following: written/verbal warning; warning on the open board and the members warning meter used, any farther posts of the member doing the flaming being moderated before being allowed on the open board, temporary suspension or permanent suspension/banned depending of the severity of the flaming.

7. Debates – Debates of the pros and cons of items members ask about is encouraged but will be closely monitored to make sure that any members involved in the debate stay on topic and the debate doesn’t turn into a shouting match with members flaming other members, for personal attacks between members, etc. Any such flaming, personal attacks, etc. will be cause for the members involved to be issued a verbal/written warning and the thread to possibly be locked. Any farther violation can result in the members involved being warned on the open board and their warning meter used, to have any farther posts moderated before being allowed on the open board, temporary suspension or even permanent suspension/ban.

8. Politics and Religion – Since these two subjects have such a wide variety of views, these two subjects are not to be discussed on the open board. If you wish to discuss these subjects with another member please do so via Private Messages (PMs).

9. Member Disputes – Member disputes will be kept off the open board and should try to be resolved between the members involved via Private Messages (PMs). If the members involved in the dispute cannot resolve any issues between themselves, the members involved should contact a Forum Moderator or Global Moderator if they are regular members; if either of the members involved is a Forum Moderator, a Global Moderator should be contacted and if either of the members involved is a Global Moderator, an Administrator should be contacted, for helping in resolving any issues.

10. No advertising of any nature is allowed on TFS without the express permission of either the Webmaster or Site Administrator. If you wish to advertise on TFS please contact either the Site Administrator, SassySue09 or the Webmaster, formula90, for further information.

11. Please remember that The Formula Source is a family friendly site as well as a site used by people all over the world. We have members of all age ranges, different nationalities, different sexual orientations, as well having members that are both male and female, so please make sure that anything you post you wouldn’t be offended by or that you wouldn’t want a young child or anyone else to read. Also since we do have members whose main language is not English, please give those members a little leeway in what they say/post and try not to be offended or upset if their command of the English language isn’t what you are used to.

12. The Formula Source, its owners, moderators and staff are not responsible for the accuracy or correctness of any posts, advice given to any question asked or to the condition of any items bought or sold on the site. Please read the disclaimer at the top of both the For Sale and Wanted Ad sections before buying or selling any items.

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